Glbal Warming

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Global Warming
Global warming is the gradual rise of the earth’s temperature which is caused by extra green house gases. For example, other gases are released by aerosols and deforestation, which is cutting down trees, lead to less carbon dioxide being removed from the air. Increases of green house gases trap more heat from the sun within the Earth’s atmosphere. When this happens, the Earth tends to stay warm. This causes the ice caps and glaciers to melt and the sea levels to rise. This will cause more storms, flood, and droughts and plants, people and animals will die. The Earth’s temperature is increasing due to the greenhouse gases being released. For example, when we burn coal and oil, we release carbon dioxide, methane and other deadly gases into our atmosphere. In addition, we do a lot for deforestation to build our homes, make fires and build boats and other things we do with wood. Trees and plants help remove those gases from the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen. If we continue to cut down trees and burn oil and other non-renewable resources, then plenty of people will die from high levels of carbon dioxide. Global warming has a lot of effects on earth. Global warming can increase the temperature of the world massively. This will cause a lot of flooding due to ice caps melting. It could increase the rain amount in Winter and Summer days. It could also produce more carbon, destroying our ozone layer and letting in harmful rays would have to try to cope the changes or in other words, adapt to the environment and die. Industrial farming is a human activity that contributes to global warming. Industrial farming is where animals and plants are produced in factories. Industrial factories use a lot of wood and coal to keep their business. They release a large amount of greenhouse gases. Highway traffic has a lot of cars, buses and trucks. They all run on oil polluting the atmosphere even more. Then air pollution exacerbates health issues such as asthma to...
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