Girls Are More Intelligent Than Boys

Topics: Mathematics, Grammatical gender, Sampling Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: June 7, 2012
In terms of school age pupils, I believe that over all girls are slightly more intelligent than boys. For this piece of coursework I am going to investigate if my hypothesis: "girls are more intelligent than boys" is true. In my opinion I believe this statement is more or less correct because in the years I have been in at school, the majority of pupils who consistently performed the best by getting the best examination and test results each year, were mostly made up of girls rather than boys. Also, because of tests and surveys, it has been widely publicized in the past that girls are more intelligent than boys - this seems to back up my statement. * In order to undertake this piece of coursework, I have been issued with a fictional database, which consists of two fictional year groups: year 10 and 11. In these year groups are the features of hundreds of fictional pupils such as each individuals: IQ, height, weight, eye colour, the number of hours of television they watch each week and their gender. From this database I will use the information, which comprises of each pupils IQ - as this is the information in which I will need in order to research and to find out if my hypothesis is true - if girls are more intelligent than boys. Through the course of this coursework I will undertake a number of calculations (which I will list after I have arranged my chosen pupils in a table) that are based upon the IQ of the pupils that I will choose from the fictional database. I will carry out these calculations in order to come to some conclusion to whether my hypothesis is correct - if girls are more intelligent than boys. Firstly, I have used the database handed to me to calculate the number of boys and girls in each year group for future reference. I will add together the total number of boys in year 10 and 11 and the total number of girls in year 10 and 11 so that I will be able to compare the two genders, once I have selected the pupils I will be examining and using...
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