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Question 1:

Describe and evaluate Giordano's product, business, and corporate strategies
Product: Giordano's main product's is casual clothes for men, women and children. They have different kind of brands which include Giordano, Giordano Ladies, and Giordano Junior. This business is a retailer itself. They started their business in year 1980 in Hong Kong. They sold a numerous kind of clothes to their customers to all kind of ages.

Giordano has become a pioneer is customer service in Asian Pacific Regions. Giordano focuses on five corporate values which include quality, knowledge, simplicity and service. However, in recent years they have been coming up with their brand mainly because of the services provided. These services were provided by the employees and the sales person attending those customers at operating level. The credit goes to both management and the employees whose core objective was customer satisfaction. The concept of value for money explained by Lai the chairman and founder of Giordano is that

“Consumers are learning a lot better about what value is. So we always ask ourselves how can we sell it cheaper, make it more convenient for the consumer to buy and deliver faster today that [we did] yesterday. That is all value, because convenience is the value for the consumer. Time is value for the customer.”

The concept of Value for money is to maintain the credibility towards customers and keeping them happy and satisfied. Their strategies are normally on the concept of high quality and giving the best services. Their product's big name is in Asian countries.

Business: Giordano's main strategy is to understand their customers as to how they respond on their products and this follows the strategy of products. Their main aim is become the leading retailer shop all over the world under cost so that their customer's are happy. However, they are very similar to the American brand “The Gap” as per selling same kind of products but with different brands and different style. But they have different kind of business strategies and different targeted market.

Corporate: Corporate Strategies followed by Giordano are mainly considering the corporate market of competitors and other supplies or manufacturers. The main targeted country for Giordano is China. Whereby, it's easy for them to coordinate with the supplies for the good quality products. However, as the economy goes down China was the first to experience a bad flow in their economy. But Giordano main strategy was to maintain the uniqueness and quality of the products no matter how bad is the economy.


Describe and evaluate Giordano's current positioning strategy. Should Giordano reposition itself against its competitors in its current and new markets, and should it have different positioning strategies for different positioning strategies?

Giordano's current positioning strategy is value for money. This means that Giordano believes in creating and maintaining customer satisfaction. Consumers are given more preferences in their business. However, at operating level it is the employees and sales people who are attending these customers, but they are not paid as they are suppose to get paid. For this Giordano provides its employees bonuses all over the year and different kind of leaves. These kinds of services are also known as service differentiation. Other kind of positioning strategy followed by Giordano is merchandise to their customers in such a way that the price is still affordable and their product remains unique because of their quality.

Giordano should reposition itself in the current market and the new markets because they have enough fame with the brand “Giordano”. The management has ways to make money and to work on the concept of value for money. Employee's efficiency and speed up when out of stock has brought a good reputation in the existing market. Giordano...
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