Gilgamesh and Antigone

Topics: Ishtar, Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: November 27, 2012
I examined the role of Gods in two texts- Gilgamish and Antigone and I felt that each text defines the role of Gods in its own unique way. For Antigone, the role of Gods is indirect; this is shown in Antigone’s actions and beliefs as her character is obviously clear minded and always aware not only that honoring the divine was the right stand to take in any situation, but also how exactly to pay respect to them: "I know I’m pleasing those I should please most" (line 88). After realizing the fact that the body of her brother (Polyneices) would not be given last rites, she went to her sister asking her for help in honoring the divine. When her sister declined her desire and warned her of the risks of such actions, Antigone was steady in her decision believing that disrespecting the Gods was the real risk, saying : "The time in which I must please those that are dead/ is much longer than I must please those of this world" (76-7). the Chorus speech after Creon has more or less determined the fate of antigone: With wisdom had someone declared

a word of distinction:
that evil seems good to one whose mind
the god leads to ruin,
and but for the briefest moment of time
is his life outside of calamity. (619-24)
Those hints by the chorus throughout the play lead us to another approach to understanding the role of gods in the it; the Gods were in control of everything, resulting the events to unfold, and maybe to teach a moral lesson to the city and even to the audience as well. Events that support this interpretation include the arrival of Antigone at the place of her brother after the guards removed the dust on her brother’s body, for example in these lines: Suddenly

a squall lifted out of the earth a storm of dust,
a trouble in the sky. (417-9)
We closed our eyes, enduring
this plague sent by the gods. When at long last
we were quit of it, why, then we saw the girl. (422-4)

The Epic of Gligmesh, however, introduces numerous Gods. The role of Gods in...
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