Gifted Child

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Research Paper
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The Gifted Child


Jashmine Aubrey V. Tenorio

A Research Paper in English IV

Presented to:

Mr. Joselito N. Fulo

March 2, 2012


Defining the term gifted is no easy task. Numerous definitions have been suggested, but no single definition of giftedness is accepted by everyone or even by a majority of people. Because so many definitions exist, people often get confused over just what it means to be gifted. Not only that, parents and teachers sometimes find it difficult to communicate because what they say is based on different definitions! To help eliminate the confusion, it's a good idea to understand where the term came from and the different perspectives that led to the many definitions that exist today. The term gifted children was first used in 1869 by Francis Galton.

For many years, the term “ gifted child” usually meant a child with a high Intelligence Quotient. But a few leaders in the field of education for gifted children thought otherwise. They insisted that the term should be applied to any child who perform much better than any others in any field of endeavour highly prized by society.

There are several types/kinds of defining whether a person is gifted or not (will be further discussed in this research).


Gifted are also gift of God to us. Yes, they may be different from normal but they also feel what we feel. Gifted, in such ways, are so much inspiration to others. They are able to inspire others even though they do not know. In a positive way, let us accept those people with whole heart. Even if they achieve things better than us, the still need to be motivated. Persons, mostly young, with this kind of characteristic are said to be geniuses. Yes , they are high in IQ but low in EQ. They are not perfect as we expect, they are still imperfect human like us, so we must treat them the way we treat normal people.



Definitions of gifted that consider adult achievement add factors such as task commitment or motivation. Those who define gifted this way begin by looking at adults who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in their chosen field, like Einstein, and work backward to see what traits other than high IQ that adult had in childhood. A child without that trait, regardless of IQ, is not gifted according to these definitions.


Definitions that consider giftedness as potential to be developed make a distinction between what a child is capable of achieving and what the child will achieve. The fact that a child has exceptional potential is part of what makes him or her gifted. The child’s environment determines whether potential leads to achievement, so people who define gifted this way stress the importance of providing an appropriate environment.


Linda Silverman added a new dimension to definitions of gifted when she included the uneven development of gifted children, which she called asynchronous development. Definitions of gifted that include asynchronous development consider not

only IQ and talent, but also emotional traits of gifted children, such as heightened sensitivity. The definition developed by the Columbus Group is an example of this type of definition.


"Giftedness is 'asynchronous development' in which advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity combine to create inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm. This asynchrony increases with higher intellectual capacity. The uniqueness of the gifted...
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