Gestalt Principle

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Name (4 points each) and describe (8 points each) each of the Gestalt Principles illustrated above (60 points total): 1 Proximity: When people see things grouped to gether they will place greater value on the relationship. I see three sets of two lines vice six separate lines.| 2 Similarity: We tend to group things that look alike together so three vertical columns are seen over three horizontal rows of dissimilar shapes.| 3 Continuity: We see ongoing shpes and patterns rather than breaks. So although it can be perceived as alternating semicircles a sine wave and a straight line is more likely to be seen.| 4 Connectedness: even though there are nine shapes it is normally perceived as three single units because the mind will associated items that are connected as a single unit.| 5 Closure: Although there are multiple arrows our mind will connect the bigger picture therefore the mind sees people hiking vice arrows.| Choose one of the illustrations (by number and name) and explain how top down and/or bottom up processing might apply in interpreting that principle (20 points).Top down processing may apply to pictures 1-4. The pictures are the exact same pictures as seen in the textbook so my perception of the concept was influenced by data that I have already seen. Since my opinion of what the concept was exemplifying was more repeating what the textbook itterrated rather than deriving my own opinion this is clearly top-down not bottom up.| Compare and contrast the processes of sensation and perception (what are the similarities and differences) and explain how they work together (20 points). Sensation is taken from the senses such as visual input where as perception uses the sensations and relates them to past experiences and influences the end result of what a person forms as the reality....
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