German Soldiers

Topics: Suffering, World War II, Pain Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: April 24, 2013
German soldiers were thought of as heroes during World War 1. They were idealized and known as the leaders of the country. For months these soldiers had been told that being a soldier was their duty and that it was an honor to serve the reich and the state. These innocent boys had a delusional war image drilled into their head non-stop until they believed that being a soldier was a blessing, almost a gift. However, these boys soon realized the harsh realities of war and fighting. They began to see war from a new perspective. Erich Maria Remarque said, "The 'boys' may have escaped the shells but he war destroyed their lives." The German soldiers suffered an emotional transformation from idealism to disillusionment throughout the course of the movie. German soldiers were extremely excited to head off to war in the beginning of what would be the most emotional journey of their lives. They had been programmed to believe by society and the government that being a soldier was an honor they should be extremely grateful for. There was no room for fear. Once they all passed their tests and were told they were headed to war after leaving the recruitment office the boys were screaming and laughing. They decided to go get a drink and celebrate their success. Thy believed it was a privilege to be able to fight. However this excitement was short-lived, for the boys saw their first glimpse into the hardships of war shortly before boarding the train. Before heading out to war, the boys witnessed trains full of wounded soldiers. These boys had amputated limbs and were walking with canes. Some were not responsive at all. The shock on the boys' faces was evident, but they looked past the injured as they boarded the train. Once they arrived at the battlefield, their view on war was changed a little bit more. These boys learned to fend for themselves. There was constant warfare. Younger men would rock back and forth covering their ears from the sounds of...
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