German Heritage

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German Heritage

German Heritage
Germans mainly immigrated because their country was being attacked by other nationalities. People who lived in the southern part of Germany were robbed and tortured. Villages were being burnt down. The rulers of Germany tried to keep the people from leaving but did not succeed. In 1709 about 3,000 Germans crossed the Atlantic and arrived in New York. By 1745 there were 45,000 Germans living in just Pennsylvania (Immigration: The journey to America). In the 1800s Germans were flooding into the United States for different reasons (Immigration: The journey to America). The advancing modernization and population growth force people to shut down their businesses and Trips to the U.S. became cheaper and faster. Americans accepted them as white people. Germans kept to themselves.

Many Germans preferred to live in the country instead of the city. They farmed for a living. They were all over the U.S. The Germans from the west would often give up their fertile land to move closer to other German. In the city, they would group to form a community. “German entrepreneurs such as bakers, butchers, cabinetmakers, cigar makers, distillers, machinists, and tailors also could be found in abundance in these "Miniature-Germany" towns.” German women worked as bakers, domestic workers, hotel keepers, janitors, laundry workers, nurses, peddlers, saloon keepers, and tailors (Immigration: The journey to America). Germans also produced beer. Germans did not always get along in large groups. A division between the Germans was significant between German Americans and other groups (Immigration: The journey to America). “These divisions were based on geography, on ideology, and on religion(Immigration: The journey to America, p.1 Para. 6).”

During World War I, German immigrants faced segregation, racism, and prejudice for the first time in America (Immigration: The journey to America). According to Grolier Online Encyclopedia: “…when, during...
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