George Orwell 1984

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Novels often advocate changes in social or political attitudes or in traditions. One novel that can be seen to advocate such changes is George Orwell’s 1984. This novel takes place in a communist style, totalitarian nation called Oceania. This nation is plagued with horrid politics that could be compared to such regimes as, Communist USSR under Joseph Stalin, and Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler.

The nation is ruled by Big Brother, with the common slogan “Big Brother is watching”. This sense of always being watched and spied on can be traced to many totalitarian governments in our current world, and could be seen as a way of advocating a change in the way said cultures deny privacy to their citizens and the sense of freedoms that the lucky few are permitted to enjoy. Another tactic used by Big Brother that can be compared to present day, would be the strategy of turning the citizens against each other, utterly destroying the vows of trust amongst the population to reduce the chance of rebellion. This can be seen in totalitarian governments all over the world and could be used to advocate the change to unity and trust. Big Brother demonstrates a common political strategy when they destroy historical records and endorse their own made up histories. This strategy is shown all over the world by corrupted and dictator plagued governments and could be seen to push for a sense of honesty in one’s historical evidence and an end to all censorship. The idea of war is also show in 1984, this displays the socialist mentality of always staying at war to control the population, whereas Orwell could be attempting to show that war is used by governments to drag out fighting to not only boost the morale of its population, but to make the population more submissive to the nation.

Some novels often advocate changes in social or political attitudes or traditions, 1984 takes the totalitarian style government and points out all the changes that should be done to...
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