George Langelaan - the Fly

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George Langelaan
The Fly

Kelemen Kristián
Bc 2. Aj-I

I have chosen this short story, because it seemed quite an interesting story, and as it has multiple screen adaptations, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to find fifteen websites dealing with it. Unfortunately I was wrong with the second part. The story was very interesting, I enjoyed every minute of reading, although I’m not really into reading. After I finished it, I started to search for websites, and I realised soon, that the only useful one is on Wikipedia. Unfortunately almost all the reviews, references are about the movie remakes, I only found some mentions and comments on the book, so I didn’t have enough material to write this essay. So at last I came up with the idea, that if there are so many websites about the movies, then I should watch them, after that write my own ideas about the story itself and compare it with its screen adaptations, how these directors rethought it and how these movies give back the feeling of reading it. It’s not exactly wanted from me, but I think the aim of it is the same, to read literary works, analyse them, work with them, and write down our ideas. I hope it will be good enough.

1. (8.5.2011) This was the best website from all; it has the date and place of publishing, a plot summary, list of adaptations, and at the end honours and references. The plot summary is well written, there’s nothing important left out. 2. (8.5.2011) This is a website about science fiction topics, it’s not literature related, but there’s a comment related to The Fly, which I found quite funny. 3. (8.5.2011) The text is taken from George Langelaan’s Wikipedia page, there is a short paragraph about his short stories and their screen adaptations. 4. (8.5.2011) This is a review about a book which deals with great stories, which were brought to screen, there is also a mention about The Fly. 5. (8.5.2011) The plot summary of the book, probably copied from Wikipedia, which is a good summary. 6. (8.5.2011) This is a very short book review; it is summarized in six words. The author of this post gave 4 point from 5, which also reflects my opinion about the The Fly.

The Fly – Short story
This short story was published as an article in the June edition of the Playboy magazine in 1957. I was really surprised, because the Playboy magazine is not famous for its sci-fi short stories. The story begins with a monologue of Francois Delambre, one of the protagonists, when he explains how annoyed he becomes when the telephone starts to ring at the office. It makes him feel like someone came into his room without asking, and this is even worse at home. While explaining this disturbing feeling, Helene, his brother’s wife, calls him. She calls to confess the crime that she did, she killed her husband Andre, with a steam hammer. Her voice is quite distressed, she asks Francois for help, and to call the police. First he doesn’t believe, he neither understands his sister-in-law. Why would she make such a thing? He then called Commissaire Charas, and explained the happenings, and then they went to the factory, where his brother’s house was, and where he was making his experiments. They arrive to the factory, and the investigation begins, as the first part of the story ends. We can see that the story has a dark, gloomy crime story feeling at the beginning. The writer does the build up really well, as the reader always has that thought, that what could happened there, and why would do that Helene, so much questions, and...
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