Geoffry Chaucers Most Attractive Characters

Topics: Religion, Geoffrey Chaucer, Knight Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: January 10, 2013

I guess when I look at the many different characters that we have covered in chaucers Canterbury tales I feel differing emotions relations to each of the characters, such as the way I feel that I relate the best to the squire as he is young carefree and living his life to the full, yet I also feel a strong link to the monk as I too would no doubt continue my favourite hobby despite rules telling me I couldn’t and ancient scriptures calling it distasteful. However despite both these characters having good points and features I can relate too I cannot say that either are my favourites. As far as my favourite is concerned I have to say that the knight is mine.

I guess one aspect of the knight that really stuck out for me and I guess was quite decisive in sinking the knight as my favourite was the way that he was not a boastful man, he didn’t flaunt his wealth about the place, this may be due to the fact that he had none, and he didn’t garb himself in outlandish outfits, “And of his port as meke as is a maide” but stayed in his fighting gear as well as the fact that he didn’t show off about his obviously exceptional fighting skills. He also didn’t go for a beautiful horse or bother to clean his chainmail as he was a simple man that found his pleasure in his religion and was so in touch with his religion that instead of finishing his crusade and going to recuperate he went straight on the pilgrimage. Through the fine nature of the knight and the modest outlook that he had on life I was immediately drawn to him as an interesting character and really find him an exceptional character as well as being my favourite out of the many covered.

Whilst not being of a religiously motivated mind set, I can only respect the knights dedication to his religion, the way that he had devoted his whole life to fighting in gods honour as well as promising to follow the knights chivalric code which was made up of different ways in which...
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