Genocide in Today's Humanity

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  • Published : December 31, 2012
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Yuvraj Khaira
2/6/12 6th hour
Genocide in Today’s Humanity
The United States has always, and probably will continue to, meddle with foreign affairs that do not concern them. We, as a nation, have suffered mentally, physically, and economically for reasons that do not concern us. People have taken notice of this and are starting to get frustrated with the lack of personal interests before foreign tribulations. Specifically, this country has tried to police worldwide genocide. For this motive, the country has lost immeasurable amounts of money and resources. More drastically, the country has lost friends and family members which can, in no lifetime, be reinstated. Is that all really worth it? Risking the country’s future and potential at greatness just to facilitate the people of a foreign country. As a nation we do not have the responsibility of protecting others from genocide. Although some people believe standing up for others, gains the country worldwide recognition and additional allies, actually protecting others is not only costly but also could lead to future wars and conflicts. Conceivably the main reason we should not have the liability to protect others is the cost. For instance, the cost of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq now totals over 1.2 trillion dollars. It takes money and resources to support your troops. Where does the money to pay this off come from? A person would find the answer is the American people’s wallet. The American people need to understand that the expenses of war are, by no matter, diminutive. Furthermore, we may not have the immediate means and funds to assist the country. People think the war in the Middle East is far too expensive at one point two trillion dollars. Even scarier of a statistic, is the fact that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is not even a fully fledged war, such as World War II. A world war is always a possibility when it comes to getting involved with foreign affairs such as genocide. People need to put...
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