Generation M

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Generation M- film on Thursday

Essay of Analysis: A response to class videos.
* Summarize the analysis by the commentator. What does s/he look at or focus on most? * Which parts are observations or data and which parts are hypothesis or conclusion? * What is not included in the analysis — what else could have been included? * What would you like to ask or tell the commentator?

Generation M shows how women are shown on television, it talks about the idealized beauty of society and also eating disorders in today’s society. I think that the commentator focuses on these main topics in Generation M, the film we watched in class on Thursday. The commentator talks about how today’s society is all about idealized beauty and that women have to starve themselves, have an eating disorder or have cosmetic surgery to fix themselves. He focused on the fact that women are the way they are because of how advertisements, movies and society shows us how they should be.

There were some parts about Generation M that were both data and hypothesis or conclusions. First there were several stats that support this data. For example there are between eight and ten million women this year that will have cosmetic surgery. Advertisements and society tell women that eating disorders are ok, resulting in 95% of all people who have eating disorders are women. These are both two awful statistics that were shown in this film. Some conclusion that was drawn from this movie was that little girls dolls are one of the biggest problems in today’s society. They said that Bratz and Barbie dolls are making outfits “sexier” and with less clothes which enforces some of these stats in society.

If I were to sit down with the commentator of this film I would have a couple of questions and comments for him. First I would ask them how as an Advertising student do you suggest that we change these negative stereotypes about women? I think that is one of the biggest...