General Systems Theory

Topics: Systems theory, System Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: May 4, 2009
Running Head: GENERAL SYSTEMS THEORY General Systems Theory General Systems Theory Strengths Weaknesses Although there are several strengths when organizations utilize general systems theory, there are also weaknesses to this modernistic approach. One example of a weakness is the issues organization may face when one subsystem fails. This can become contagious and cause the organization serious system issues. If one subsystem fails, then the others may not be able to produce without it. An option to counteract this weakness for an organization would be to invest in cross-training subsystems. Application In every organization, general systems theory exists. The organization or system consists of common integrated parts or departments called subsystems. Each subsystem affects the others and also affects the organization as a whole. An example of an organization that demonstrates general systems theory is theprofessional services firm AlixPartners, LLP. Within this organization there are several subsystems or departments (AlixPartners, 2009). The first subsystem in the organization is the executive leadership team. This team sets the vision and mission for the organization. This subsystem also creates and demonstrates the core values of the organization. Without the executive leadership team, the organization would have no purpose. The organization would also not know how to obtain the goals without the leadership teams(AlixPartners, 2009). This subsystem sets the example of the company culture. Another key subsystem that is crucial to the system as a whole is the administrative system. This subsystem includes several departments within it and all contribute to the success of the system. The departments include risk management, finance, human resources, marketing and internal information technology. Without these subsystems, the consultants would not be able to provide clients with their services. Each of the individual departments contributes to...
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