General Norman Schwarzkopf Research Paper

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  • Published: April 30, 2013
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General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf: A Great 20th Century Military Leader

Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. was born August 22, 1934 in Trenton, New Jersey to Ruth Alice and Herman Norman Schwarzkopf. Herbert Norman was the youngest of three siblings. He had two sisters. They were Ruth Ann who were four years older and Sally who were two and a half years older than him. Perhaps because of the closeness in their ages, Sally and Herman enjoyed playing together outdoors while Ruth Ann prefered to be in doors reading or playing the piano (“It Doesn't Take A Hero” Petre, Peter.).

Herbert Norman’s dad Herman Norman, served in WWI as an officer. He fought in the battle of Marne and was gassed with mustard gas, making him vulnerable to the chance of pneumonia for the rest of his life. After his return from the war, he founded the New Jersey State Police. Herman didn’t specialize in leading soldiers, but leading and training military police officers. Herman worked as lead investigator on the infamous kidnapping of Charles Lindenbergh’s son in 1932 (“It Doesn't Take A Hero” Petre, Peter.).

In June of 1942, Herbert was called to Washington D.C. to meet with General George C Marshall to discuss a problem. The allies were having troubles delivering military aid to the Soviets who were in need of supplies and weaponry through the Iran mountains because the mountain tribes were ambushing the convoys or setting up blockades and asking for tariffs. This was during the part of the war when the Nazis were closing in one Stalingrad and the supplies getting to the Soviets were crucial to the war. To deal with this issue, Herman Schwarzkopf was assigned to advise the Imperial Iranian Gendarmerie to train them to make them effective at defending and become the national police force to stop the ambushes in the mountain sides of Iran. Eventually he formed the Shah’s secret police force the SAVAK. For all of this to happen it required Herman Schwarzkopf to live in Iran while...
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