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  • Published : May 7, 2011
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Financial Analysis: General Mills Inc.
The following financial analysis is primarily focusing on the performance of General Mills Inc for the year 2010 when compared to 2009, but a historic trend of the past 5 financial years is also being taken into account. Balance Sheet Analysis:

The Current Assets for GIS decreased for FY10 by nearly 2% compared to FY09, primarily due to a decline in quick assets, namely cash and cash equivalents. The company experienced a terrific growth period in FY08 when current assets grew by around 16%. Since then though, the company has witnessed slight reduction in the current assets portfolio. The Fixed Assets for GIS follow the same pattern as Current Assets, peaking in FY08 and then dwindling again. The reasons behind this behavior were reversal of the pension benefits which had been overfunded in FY08 by nearly $ 1Billion. After this reduction, the following years are more or less the same in terms of fixed assets. On the Liabilities side, Current Liabilities have shown a downward trend from FY08 onwards, with an average fall of around 14%. But for the year 2010 vs. 2009, there has been a slight net increase of around $150 MIO due to higher accrued expenses, A/c Pay and Notes Pay. Even though the current portion of LTD reduced substantially by around $400 MIO, it was still not enough to bring the year on year figure down. Long term liabilities registered a decline, which translated into Total Liabilities reducing for FY10 over FY09 by around 3.5%. Another key indicator in the Liabilities section was a reduction in the Income Tax Payable for the year, a drop of almost $300 MIO, which also reflected in the reduction in cash and cash equivalents in the Current Assets section. Equity increased for GIS in FY10, primarily due to increased Retained Earnings, and a rise in Paid Up Capital. Again, the Total Equity is comparatively lesser than for the FY08, but it has registered an increase compared to the previous Financial Year....
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