General George S. Patton Leadership Traits.

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GEORGE SMITH PATTON JR. ( 1885 – 1945 )


George Smith Patton III was born on Nov 11, 1885 in San Gabriel, California, USA. He was known as “Old Blood and Guts “and “Georgie “. In 1909, he graduated from the U.S Military Academy at West Point and descendant of a Virginia family with a long military tradition.

Patton became a keen student of the American Civil War (1861-1865), especially its great cavalry leaders , an interest that likely contributed to the strategy of bold , highly mobile operations associated with his name. He began his army career as a cavalry lieutenant (1913) and was aide-de-camp to General John J. Pershing in Mexico (1916-1917) and in England (1917). After serving with the U.S Tank Corps in World War 1, Patton became a vigorous proponent of tank warfare.

Later on, he was made a tank brigade commander in July 1940. On April 4, 1941, he was promoted to major general, and two weeks later he was made commander of the 2nd Armoured Division. Then, he was made corps commander in charge of both the 1st and 2nd armoured divisions and organized the desert training centre at Indio, California. Patton was commanding general of the western task force during the U.S operations in North Africa in November 1942. He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in March 1943 and led the U.S Seventh Army in Sicily, employing his armour in a rapid drive that captured Palermo in July. The apogee of his of his career came with the dramatic sweep of his Third Army across Northern France in the summer of 1944 in a campaign.

Shortly after, Patton returned to the USA on Jun 8. The end of the war he entered on his duties as military governor of Bavaria. His outspoken criticisms of denazification policies led to an outcry in the United States, followed in October 1945 by his relief as Third Army commander and assignment to the Fifteenth Army, then a small headquarters engaged in studying military operations in north western Europe.


Bold, Strict and Emphatic

Emphatic can be defined as same meaning of strict and bold. Patton was not a hot-tempered neither cruel. As a leader especially military leader the character like this is really important in order to influence the troops. The incident of slapping patients at the military hospital was the evident that show his emphatic and bold character.

. The incident occurs during the Sicily Campaign (Operation Husky 1943) on August 3, 1943 where General Patton was visiting patients at a military hospital in Sicily, "all the soldiers jumped to attention except me. I was suffering from battle fatigue and just didn't know what to do." When Patton asked Kuhl where he was hurt, Kuhl shrugged and replied that he was "nervous" rather than wounded, adding "I guess I can't take it."

In response, Patton slapped Kuhl across the chin with his gloves, then grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the tent entrance, shoving him out of the tent with a final kick to Kuhl's backside. Yelling "Don't admit this son-of-a-bitch", Patton demanded that Kuhl be sent back to the front at once, adding, "You hear me, you gutless bastard? After that, Patton went to other patients, then returned and berated the soldier again.


As a leader, to make sure all subordinate are in shape, he must make sure their discipline level are on top first. Patton was really strict about discipline of his troops. He believes that, when he troops are in high discipline, they can win the battle and survive.

During the North African Campaign (Operation Torch 1942-1943), Patton was given a command of 7th Army to prepare them for the invasion of Sicily. It is said that his troops preferred to serve with him rather than his predecessor since they thought their chances of survival were higher under Patton. At this time, Patton planned to rise up his troop’s discipline.

For instance, Gen. Patton required all personnel to...
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