General Conference 2013 Sunday Afternoon

Topics: Jesus, God, Love Pages: 5 (1078 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Sunday morning session
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
-Let god know of our trials
-Ask for strength and support
-Ask that your eyes and ears will be opened
-Walk in the light
-God knows that we will make mistakes
-But he loves us just the same
-He has given us the gospel
-As we strive to do right, the light of the gospel will surround and uplift us -Dark can not exist in the presence of light
-Our lives may be touched with darkness from time to time
-Our living hope should be in Jesus Christ
-Darkness will not gain victory over the light of Christ
Neil L. Andersen
-Teach the gospel to everyone
-Miracles will come from spreading it
-All people must learn of the gospel
-There are not 65,000 missionaries
-We can congregations in 189 countries
-No force in the entire world can stop the word of god
-Be an instrument in God’s hands
-We need the lord’s help!
-Although many WANT to be closer to God
-They have unanswered questions
-Opportunities will be opened to us
-Use technology to spread the gospel
-One of the greatest influence is the influence on a child
-Listen to the still small voice
-Distractions prevent us from hearing it
-Choose a time each day to disconnect from technology
-Give full attention to children
L. Whitney Clayton
-in the happiest marriages:
-both husband and wife consider their marriage to be of infinite worth -no other relationship can generate as much good
-they are built on faith in Jesus Christ
-and adherence to his teachings
-attend sacrament and other meetings every week
-FAITH is the foundation of everything
-Humility is selfless, not selfish
-Trust is important in marriage
L. Tom Perry
-Obedience to law is liberty
-Laws have blessings and penelties
-Satan wants to make us disobedient so we lose our liberty
-Satan wants to make us miserable like us
-We need to stop coveting
-Adultery and murder are bad so don’t do them.
-The significance of families is deteriorating at an alarming rate -Happiness comes from obedience to gods laws
-Wickedness NEVER was happiness
Thomas S. Monson
-Obedience is freedom
-He that keepeth god’s commandments, recieveth truth and light until they know the truth of all things -A loving heavenly father has plotted our course
-A knowledge of truth comes as we are obedience
-When we are young we have rules for safety
-Obedience is the first law of heaven
-The progress of the latter day saints
-Always pay tithing
-The great test of this life is obedience
-No greater example of obedience exists than that of our savior -The savior generated genuine love of god
-He was never prideful
Sunday Afternoon
Jeffery R holand
-help thou my unbelief
-even if you can no more desire to belive
-let this desire work in you until you believe
-And don’t let satan destroy your faith
-If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you can move mountains -Don’t pretend to faith you not have
-But, be true to the faith you do have
-Don’t let your questions stand in the way of your faith
-Truth of the gospel is evident in the lives of latter day saints everywhere -Don’t start with what you don’t know
-Don’t worry if issues arise
-Focus on the things that are right, not the things that are wrong -What we know will always trump what we don’t know
-Be kind regarding human frailty
-Imperfect people are all god has ever had to work with
-When difficulty comes, do not be afraid to ask for help
-Be not afraid only believe
-Belief is always the first step before conviction
-Don’t let doubt and devils sway you
-If your faith is tested, lean on the faith of your leaders -Hope-on
Dallen H Oaks
-All of the messages of this conference help us follow in the footsteps of our savior -Each of us qualify as followers of Christ
-He taught that baptism was necessary to enter into the kingdom of God -First invited his listeners to...
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