Gender Stereotypes

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Transgender Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Prof. Mckelvy
ENG 0349

According to Deborah Tannen, “We like to think of ourselves as unique individuals, not representatives of stereotypes. But it is more dangerous to ignore patterns than to articulate them”. Many people aware that gender stereotype is dangerous because it may cause a serious problem to family and society. Therefore, it’s very necessary to expose and discuss about its dangerous and damaging effects. Deborah Tannen showed a few examples about men and women in society. Gender stereotypes are created at the very first day when the child is born. Usually, girls want to have a connection and feel close to their friend. However, boys tend to be competitive with their friends. They like to play the challenged game. A research showed that children learn the stereotypes gender form adult. This proves that children are affected by adult. Today, the stereotypic role of woman is to marry and teach their children. Men, on the other hand, are to support the financial for their family. Those kinds of gender stereotypes can prove harmful because it can separate the roles between men and woman in the society. Gender stereotype also affects the happiness of family. Women want to talk at home to create the friendship and intimacy with each member in their family. However, men sometime ignore about what they do and say, so that women feel no need to say. On the other hand, men talk more in the public than women because they keep and maintain their status in society. Today, gender stereotypes are expanded over the world because people don’t even know about its damaging effects. In some country, men tend to be more powerful than woman in society. Men have a right to decide everything in family and society.
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