Gender Segregation

Topics: Gender, Science, Biology Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Megan Caldwell
Gender Segregation
Nov 7, 2012

The article I chose is “Gender Segregation in Elite Academic Science” the reason why I chose this article and this particular subject is because it stood out to me as being an important topic and very interesting. I found it interesting that there’s gender segregation in elite fields such as physics and biology, just as there is in more common fields like nursing and firefighters. In nursing, there is discrimination towards men. Perhaps because as a society, we just think women are the stronger of the two sexes when it comes to taking care of our physical being. This is our own form of discrimination just because of trained thinking from generation to generation. Firefighters, on the other hand, are when we really prefer to see a man coming to the rescue. Another form of gender discrimination and segregation, just on a less elite field of career choice. Gender segregation is common among the elite and ordinary careers. It seems to be the same idea just in different areas. Biology and physics are considered fields of master status so it is important to know why women are underrepresented in fields to this status. Studies such as this one may someday make a difference in future generations of the female elite. This type of research could help change the way our educators view the sciences and make them appeal to our young ladies at earlier ages. This type of education and understanding could produce top quality women physics in the future. We witness gender segregation in our daily routines. The idea of men as firemen, policemen, and even security positions. Women are generally cast as moms, nurses, caregivers, and teachers. This is our own generalization of gender. However, there is the same type of segregation among the elite sciences. The article “Gender Segregation in Elite Academic Science” interviews and surveys actual scientists to help us better understand why women do or do not choose...
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