Gender Roles in "A New Leaf"

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19, October 2010
Fitzgerald, Prompt 1
A. Intro hook, Quote from honeymooners
B. Thesis statement: Gender roles in “A New Leaf” portray men as the providers and dominant, females as subordinate caretakers, and it vastly limits decision making to choices that are deemed “appropriate” for men and women alike. How are male and female characters portrayed?

A. Women – Caretakers, nurturing, invested into beauty B. Men-Providers, indestructible, intelligent
How does the work portray their roles in society?
A. Women – Caretakers,invested into beauty, nurturers B. Men-Providers, indestructible, intelligent
How does gender influence the decisions characters make?
A. Only options are those deemed 'appropriate' by society B.Women- Forced to conform to trophylike standards or be branded whore C. Men- Forced to withstand hardship and remain honorable, failure is punished. Conclusion

A. Restate thesis Gender roles determine how, even stereotypical it may be, the basic characters impulses will act. Society will view genders in different lights, affecting the three major roles in society, portrayal, role action, and ultimately, every decision that the characters will make or ever be able to make. Two Sides of the Same Leaf

“One of these days, Alice... Bang! Zoom! Straight to the moon!” Gender roles play an important part in our social lives, an ever present reminder of the differences, and similarities, between the two sexes. Nearly all of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels, including “A New Leaf,” have reoccurring representations of social roles, which defines his work and makes it his own. Fitzgerald's social roles are the traditional equivalent of those found in the early to mid 20th century, where men work to earn money for the maintenance of the women, and men are dominant over women. The females in his novels are typically seen as more invested into caring for children, finding...
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