Gender Discrimination

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  • Published: March 8, 2007
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Gender Discrimination

Written by: Brent Davey



Gender Discrimination Defined-------------------------------------------3 Gender Discrimination at Work-------------------------------------------5 Gender Discrimination and Politics--------------------------------------6 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------6 Works Cited-------------------------------------------------------------------8


To discriminate socially is to make a distinction between people on the basis of class or category without regard to individual merit. Examples of social discrimination include racial, religious, sexual, weight, disability, ethnic, height-related, employment discrimination and age-related discrimination. Since this course is related to Gender Relations, the focus of this paper will relate to the act of gender discrimination. Specifically, we will look at the various causes and effects of such discrimination. We will also cover and analyze some real life cases from published sources. After reading this report, you will better understand the significance of legislative acts in Canada which strictly prohibit sexual discrimination in the workplace. You should also realize that all types of discrimination are serious and gender discrimination is just the tip of the iceberg. Most us us have been affected by discrimination in one way or another. Children pick on each other, tease, torment, and poke fun at things they perceive to be different. Chances are you either got picked on when you were a child or you were the one picking on others. But why does this occur? What is it that causes us to discriminate against our own species? Some theorists believe that social order is characterized by increased discrimination. Law professor Matthias Storme has claimed that the freedom of discrimination in human...
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