Gender Differences in the Workplace

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  • Published : April 25, 2006
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Alcantara 1
Aaron Alcantara
Professor Padilla-Wilson
Anthropology 5LS
27 March 2006
"Gender Differences in the Workplace"
To get a piece of the American Dream, you have to earn it. For a marginal portion of the population in America, they are either born with the wealth or obtained it quickly and easily. For many of us, it takes a long while until we see that Dream become a reality. Some of us work at home, some of us travel to different locations for work, and some of us work in a 9 to 5 central workplace. Usually we have to work with others and that is where I would like to introduce my topic, gender differences in the workplace. First I will talk about the females' perspective, their challenges and barriers. Then I will talk about the males' perspective next. Then I will put my spin on the controversial topic. We will begin with the ladies, after all, ladies first.

Women constantly experience dismissal at the workplace. According to Barbara Annis, the author of "Gender Differences in the Workplace," if a woman were to pitch an idea in a meeting of some sort, she would be ignored or at least would not take her idea into consideration. But when a man restates the idea that was just introduced by the woman, everyone pays attention and takes his idea seriously. Statistically women are more susceptible to interruption than men in the workplace (Annis).

Testing of knowledge and ability is another issue that women have to encounter in a workplace with men. A man will automatically talk to a woman as if he was her "boss" Alcantara 2
or supervisor. And let's say that the woman is in a superior position over the man, the woman still has to prove to him that her knowledge on the subject is worthy enough for her position and has to explain how she got up the corporate ladder (Annis).

"…Men's dominance in conversation parallels their dominance in society (Podolefsky and Brown, 162)." In some ways, a lot of truth is behind that quote. "Women...
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