Gender Classification

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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According to Doman Lum the author of cultural competent practice States that gender refers to the social structural relationships of male and female. It is a social construct and it includes the social processes of how men and women are supposed to behave in their social life. Gender is defined as a social classification of people, attributes,activities into categories such as male, female. Gender is frequently based on anatomical differences between men and women, but does not necessarily coincide with them. Gender is socially and culturally determined; it is not biologically determined. There are 2 types of gender masculine and feminine. Sometimes sex and gender are confused with the other. Sex is what you are born as male or female. Gender is what you become socially, the role you play in society. The two gender issues I am going to discuss today are Stereotypes of gender and Gender and Cultural diversity There are many sterotypes of gender,there are roles that are supposed to be specifically for men and roles that are specifically for women. I will call out names of profession and I want you to say Masculine or Feminine. Nurse

Basketball player
These are just a few sterotypes of male and female roles.
Even Intelligent and culturally competent professionals sometime participate in stereotyping such as sometimes we will say that when a man dates multiple women we say he sewing his wild oats or he just a Don Juan or a Player player, but when women do this same thing it looked at as a negative sterotypes she considered to be tramp, jezebel harlot among many other names. These are just some of the ways women are oppressed by gender. During the 1970’s and 80’s limited research existed on ethnically related gender differences and feminist issues in culturally diverse populations due to the domination of feminists therapy by White women writers, but during the 1990’s there was a gradual dawning of...
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