Gender Based Violence in Mexico and Saudi Arabia

Topics: Homosexuality, Saudi Arabia, Sexual intercourse Pages: 11 (4095 words) Published: March 1, 2013

Comparative Study
Gender-Based Violence
Mexico and Saudi Arabia

James Adrian S. Amparado

A Comparative Study on Gender-Based Violence in Mexico and Saudi Arabia This is a double-country study, comparing a conservative Christian country and a conservative Islamic country in terms of the root cause of violence against gays and the response of the government to the said violence. The study will assess which government is more effective in responding to the said violence and to determine whether or not religion affects the government’s response to gender-violence.

Violence is present everywhere. It can be between neighbours, countries, ethnic groups, social groups, government, factions, sectors, families, workplaces and so on. Violence can come in many forms: from intimidation to different kinds of abuses such as verbal, physical, social, emotional, economic and sexual abuse. Everyday people turn on the television set and see violent things happening all over the world. With the way violence is publicized over the news, television, Internet, radio, movies and games; violence becomes a commonplace. The spectrum of violence has different levels: from minor ones to severe ones. For instance, violence can range from a scuffle between two individuals to a full scale World War between and even among nations. Generally, violence is associated with aggression, brute force, and the intention of causing harm. Political, social, religious, economic, criminal and personal differences are some of the most passionate issues we face as human beings. They are often the most common reasons for violence as they are often refers to how people define themselves. (Alder & Denmark, 2004) Violence on a political level may be used to protect citizens or sometimes to protect them outside forces. Ethnic or racial groups may use violence to fight against oppression and discrimination. Religion can also be a driving force of violence, because of differences in religion (such as performing terrorist attacks in the name of God). When someone assaults, robs, or commits a homicide there is usually violence involved. Emotions are probably one of the biggest triggers of violence. Individuals can be easily performing violence due to any number of different personal issues or disagreements. Gender-based violence is violence against women based on the precept that women have subordinate status in society. It includes any act or threat by men or male-dominated institutions that inflict physical, sexual, or psychological harm on a woman or girl because of their gender. Gender-based violence includes physical, sexual and psychological violence. This violence may include the following: domestic violence; sexual abuse, including rape and sexual abuse of children by family members; forced pregnancy; sexual slavery; traditional practices harmful to women, such as honour killings, burning or acid throwing, female genital mutilation, dowry-related violence; violence in armed conflict, such as murder and rape; and emotional abuse, such as coercion and abusive language. Trafficking of women and girls for prostitution, forced marriage, sexual harassment and intimidation at work are additional examples of violence against women. Gender violence occurs in both the ‘public’ and ‘private’ spheres. Such violence not only occurs in the family and in the general community, but is sometimes also perpetuated by the state through policies or the actions of agents of the state such as the police, military or immigration authorities. Gender-based violence happens in all societies, across all social classes, with women particularly at risk from men they know. Another type of discrimination that is found to be very common in today’s work environments is gender, or sex-based, discrimination. According to the Equal Rights Advocates (2011), sex-based discrimination is what exists when an individual is treated differently...
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