Gender and Poverty in Nigeria

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Gender role Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: May 28, 2012
Gender and Poverty in Nigeria

Exploration of Journal article in Sociology

Amanda Watson

Professor Melanie Townsend

Introduction to Sociology


I read an article dealing with the connection between gender and poverty in Nigeria. I believe that the article was a primarly view of existing research. I feel that it is because the author never said he conducted the research. It was said the study found out this or that. If the Author would have conducted the research, he would have used more “I” and “we” in his research.

It was founded that since the women in Nigeria are not allowed the same rights as the men in there country that they are bounded to being poor. In the article, He went through and gave the meaning of poverty and the causes of poverty. He described poverty as being the absence or lack of basic entitlement (Okoroafor C. U). These people described to be poor. He has found that there many causes of poverty. The reasons ranged from cultural disposition, social phenomena, and even political. Messil (1996) argued that society and culture provides insight into the root cause of poverty.

For the research, they used 200 respondents in the Oguta community to look into the issue of female poverty. The used men and women who were all over 18 years old in that community. They used three different methods to research the topic. First, they used a questionnaire which allowed them to put the views of female poverty and how it happens to women. Secondly, there were interviews conducted to get consistency and raw data from the respondent. Third, they went to the library to also collect some data as well. To analysis the research, they used a simple percentage and the chi-square method to analysis. From the data that they collected they found that there was a relationship between socially ascribed roles and the development of women in the Oguta community. They also found that cultural...
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