Geek Squad Case Study

Topics: Best Buy, Geek Squad, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Geek Squad

There are many environmental factors that transpired to allow for Robert Stephens to create Geek Squad. Some of those factors include “Wireless broadband technology, high-definition televisions, Internet interfaces, trends toward computers, phones and entertainment systems.” Since many of these factors are somewhat complicated, not many consumers would be able to figure out how to properly work them having the ability for Geek Squad to provide a service to consumers that would help assist their needs.

Aside from the technology factors that contributed to create Geek Squad another factor is connected to gender. A trend that has changed in the past years is that women are getting more interested in technology. Women now are interested in purchasing computers and home entertainment systems. It is also said that women tend to spend more money than men. Taking that into account women like to think that if they can receive a type of concierge service when making a purchase is ideal for them. Being able to go to a store and ask questions of the product and get a pretty adequate answer, and having that same person set up that purchase in their home is more of what is looked for. With so many competitors having created Geek Squad and placing it in the Best Buy stores has allowed for this concierge type of service. It is considered a one shop stop what you need is provide in one location. This is one attribute Geek Squad has that is enticing to all consumers.

A trend Geek Squad is facing today is the virtual world. The virtual world is creating a new window of opportunity for businesses. In fact Geek Squad has extended their customer service into the virtual world. Geek Squad can answer computer related questions in the virtual world. Any issue with computers that cannot be resolved in the virtual world this will provide the opportunity to refer customers to an actual Best Buy location. This allows the customer to go to a Best Buy...
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