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Topics: Marketing, Airline, Strategic management Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Founded by American icon Thomas Edison, General electronic (GE) has been admired for his performance and spirit for more than 125 years. The businesses that they invent and build fuel the global economy and improve people's life. GE is s very large corporation with business in a wide range of industries, including, aerospace, power system, health care, commercial finance and consumer finance. Today GE has more than 11 technology, services and financial business with more than 315,000 employees in 160 countries around the world. Throughout its history General Electric enjoyed the benefits of a consistent marketing message. The company has become the pioneer in business to business marketing by introduce the company slogan” Live Better Electrically" in the late 1950's. The goal of the plan was to promote Electrical Living, primarily focused at rural communities and farms that still hadn't been connected to the power grid. The campaigns was followed by two decades of variations on the word ‘‘progress,’’ such as ‘‘Progress for people.’’ In 1979 GE unveiled ‘‘ we bring good things to life,’’ a cornerstone to one of the most successful corporate branding campaigns in history. GE always tries to maintain a strategic fit between the marketing environment and the changing organizational structure. As the company becomes bigger and more complex in nature, the company shifts its focus on the needs for improved coordination and control across business unit, and promotes its globally diverse brand thought a single unified message. The marketing campaign, called “ imagination at work” helped GE to communicate its integrated image to all its stakeholders. GE carefully monitors its business environment, and evaluates their marketing opportunities. In 2005 GE announced the launch of a program called "Ecomagination," intended to develop tomorrow's solutions such as solar energy, hybrid locomotives, fuel cells, lower-emission aircraft engines, lighter and stronger durable...
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