Gd on China or Pakistan Threat to India

Topics: India, Cold War, Pakistan Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: April 21, 2013
China is a bigger threat than pakistan.

I am not speaking about military strength, I am speaking about economic strength. China as all the ability to take all our business, services away from us. In the future, it can stand as a big challenge when it comes to outsourcing and other IT / ITeS services there by completely paralyzing our economy through problems like unemployment etc; can also challange USA, ..India will be peanuts.

pakistan...both equally not that much big threat, but still china is kick *** for India

thebiggest threat to india is the pakistan because the , the p-akistan is spreading the cold war, gueerlas war that y it important , to watch carefull the activity of pakistan

definately pakistan and due to kashmir dispute.

China is the bigger threat, a head on clash with china, could be damaging to India. However, pakistan offers a threat of a different kind, spreading terror, whose effect would be quite bad.

hi brother
its china.
they say that arunachal pradesh belongs to them and some disputes in tibet border. its easy to fight with pakistan and win.we know the pakistan is a part of has been to given a place for certain minoroties by theres less threat. jai hind

Currently I would say Pakistan because this is the time of Islamic aggresion in the world and Pakistan is an Islamic nation and they currently have a low level conflict with India and there have been terrorist attacks on India from Pakistan. China has the potential to be the biggest threat to anyone but they haven't really shown much aggresion. Lets hope that they remain that way.

no country becoz from both we do our good relations.

It all depends on how you view the situation. Neither China nor Pakistan need be our foes. We can make use of them for our mutual benefit. However, as a military force China is far superior. On the other hand Pakistan is very close to our territory. Both these factors do...
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