Topics: Russia, Economics, Russia–Ukraine gas disputes Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Adnan Kudra
Assignment Gazprom!
1:As Russias largest oil and gas company, they need to have some protectionism measures to have things under control. I think that rising the protectionism includes measures to restrict the trade of good, and to an extent service. The gas disputes between these two countries refer to a number of disputes between Ukrainian oil and gas company Naftogaz Ukrainy and Russian gas supplier Gazprom over natural gas supplies, and price and also debts. These disputes have grown beyond simple business disputes into transnational political issues I think. Vladimir putin as the russian president have a big role in here. I think that the protectionism measures here is for russia to keep their price on the gas and dont give the gas for „free“ to some countries and also be careful to not lose something very useful for the whole Europe (in this case Ukraine because they have their pipeline built under Ukraine). The Ukrainian wanted and tried to have some „extra gas“ from the Russia or should i say „gas for lower price and some more by using the gas but dont paying for it by illegally taken out of the Ukrainian transit system“ because of the reason that the pipeline was in their country. The Ukrainan did this because of the economical issue they have in the country. They saw a way to fix it a little bit by taking some gas for free and also Russia paid them for having the pipeline throught their country. But this was not a good idea, because most of the other countries in Europe where mad at this and saw a problem in this because they dont get any gas which they need. And also Russia seen economical problems in this in a longer way. This because they payed Ukraine for using the pipeline over their country and also they lost gas on the way while it was transporting to other countries in Europe, and in the hardest way if they dont transit any gas to Europe they lose a big amount of money. And it could lead to an economical issue.

2: I think the...
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