Gaza and Isriael

Topics: Israel, Gaza Strip, Palestinian National Authority Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: January 27, 2013
All we want is peace stated the citizens of Gaza and Israel. For the past month the two countries Gaza and Israel have been savagely at war. In Danielle Grams article Israel and Gaza conflict: Why Israel and Hamas are at war she states that since the beginning of 2012 over 750 rockets were shot. Well looks like Gaza and Israel are at war again.

In Danielle Grams article Gaza and Israel conflict she states that Israel wants more statehood. Gram also states that Gaza plans to eliminate Jerusalem and make it Muslim, creating another holocaust. Citizens are starting to get concerned because they can’t go to work and because supplies and medicines are starting to run out. A citizen’s dad has a serious heart condition and his medicine is running out. The citizens are starting to get worried about their kids because they don’t want to do their homework until the war ends. All they want is peace and quiet.

Over the last month Gaza and Israel are literally going to war because Islam wants to contempt to eliminate Jerusalem. Jeremy Bowen states that if the plaintive calls for what the Americans and the British are calling the de-escalation continue to be ignored it could go the same way. What Bowen is trying to say is that if the Hamas would stop being stubborn there would be no war. Some of the citizens are glad that there is ceasefire while others are not. The citizens want their towns to be safe again. Gaza wants to be the prominent power and have all the authority. You know war is so bad when there are protests breaking out in classrooms.

This war is making it not safe for anyone. This war is making it hard for people to go outside without getting hit by a bomb coming from the air and from warships. Citizens watch the news when they can see children getting killed, buses getting hit, and because of the noise they haven’t slept for a while. Since the Hamas are sadistically blocking the entrances for trade medicines are running out. Life as they know it is...
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