Gay Rights in India

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Heterosexuality Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Couple of days back marked the 10th year since the release of the movie ‘Fight Club’. Even though I have watched that iconic movie couple of times back I could not abstain from awing at the novel ideas used in the film making. And there came the bathtub scene involving Brad Pitt and Edward Norton widely perceived as homo-erotic .But David Fincher says he purposely made so engaging the audiences on something keeping them from guessing the later twists in the movie. Brad Pitt comments, “We are one generation of men raised by women. Is another woman is the answer we really need?” How perfectly timed I thought because the same day marked the 40 years since the famous ‘Stone Wall’ riot. Rainbow parades by LGBT right activist were held in many Indian cities even here in New Delhi. And came the statement from the Health Ministry stressing the need for the debate on Section 377 of IPC taking an complete opposite stand from the its previous holder. Now whole India is prescribing what is normal and abnormal. Nobody cares who they to do so are. Normal behavior of one may be abnormal to the other. So is the case in sexual orientation. This draconian law was brought by Lord Macaulay in India in 1860.It is quite Ironical that a person who claimed to be so broad minded and coming from secular culture saying ‘The whole literature of India and Arabia is equivalent to a single book shelf of England’ was so narrow and bigoted in bringing the law. But nevertheless England has already decriminalized the consensual carnal intercourse between adults. But we Indians have ‘CULTURE & MORAL’ attached with us. And it should not be given up for any reason whatsoever. Because of our culture of eating cows & dogs have later changed to worshipping them and because our culture of brothers having sex with sisters, Mothers with Sons and fathers with daughters changed it does not mean that we have to change this time too [No exaggerations here. Ask someone who has literally drank all the four...
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