Gay Marriage Persuasive Speech

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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I am doing my presentation in a fictional persona called Alyssa. Hi everyone my name is Alyssa, and I’m Gay. It’s not such a big deal; I’m just like all the other women in the world, except I prefer women over men. One day I would like to marry a woman, but at the moment the government is restricting me from doing so. We live in a democratic society where we believe in equal rights don’t we? Well why don’t gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples? The Law is obviously old and out-dated, as the values of the community have changed since it was originally made. It discriminates against us, when we are only being ourselves. People say we are the unnatural ones, when in reality; they are the ones being unnatural, as the concept of discrimination is human-made and therefore not natural. Many religions are discriminating against us, and they are one reason why the law has not yet been changed. I am here to argue my case about why gay marriage should be legalised, so that one day I can marry the one I love. As Australians, we believe in equality don’t we? Equal rights for all, men, women, all races etc. Yet, there is still inequality between heterosexuals and homosexuals. It’s legal for heterosexuals to marry who they like, but not for homosexuals. In 2010, the Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young introduced a Marriage Equality Bill. In February of the same year the Senate rejected it. No matter how many Bills have been introduced; they have so far been rejected. This is ridiculous, I cannot understand why a country that believes in equality is restricting gay marriage! America is already far ahead of us, with many states having legalised gay marriage. Even South Africa, where discrimination runs rampant, has legalised it. 1.2% of Australia’s adult population are homosexuals. At least, those are the ones we know about; as many feel the need to hide their sexuality because they feel discriminated against. We’re Australians right? We have made discrimination...
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