Gay Marriage(Mediation)

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, California Proposition 8 Pages: 5 (1586 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Zach Umlauf
Assignment 4 (Final Draft) Mediation
Same-Sex Marriage Mediation
Since the 1970's, same-sex marriage has been the forefront of the equal rights movement In America. The nation wide acceptance of homosexuality has risen from nearly a fraction, to over half of our countrie's population in the past 30 years. The accomplishments that benifit same-sex rights have been astounding in such little time. While still, the opposing party is fighting at equal rates to endeavor the sanctity of marriage. Why has this become "the" debate of our generation?

The fair way to tackle such a delicate issue would be to analyze both angles. I have thouroghly read two writings that dissect this subject from completely different viewpoints. The first happens to Marriage Equality USA's What Is Marriage. The organization's essay argues heavily on the legalization of same-sex marriage. The main driving force for both sides of the discussion is Proposition 8 In California. The opening of their writing expresses the psychological effects that the gay community has experienced as a result from anti same-sex marriage amendments. Strangely enough, APA(American Psychological Association) originated surveys of those who reside in states where marriage amendments have passed have experienced higher psychological stress. The American Psychological Association concluded that the victims reported feeling "alienated from their community, fearful they would lose their children, and concerned they would become victims of anti-gay violence" (85). This extends to all LGBTI persons. Even heterosexual friends and relatives who are allies have experienced "secondary minority stress" (American Psychological Association 85). Marriage Equality USA focuses heavily on the effects and causes of homophobia relating to the passing of Proposition 8. Personally, It's a great direction for a persuasive piece, because it centers on compassion. Other related APA studies have also found that "LGBTI people experience inreased verbal abuse, homophobia, physical harm, and other discrimination associated with or resulting from the Prop 8 campaign" (American Psychological Association 85). Also, LGBTI youth and heterosexual children of same-sex couples fear homophobic discrimination, violence, and hate because of Prop 8. Unfortunately, LGBTI youth are experiencing an increase of bullying from fellow classmates and even staff members within their schools. Heterosexual allies and supporters fear for their LGBTI friends and family members. They themselves also fear that they might become victims of gay bashing because of their percieved homosexuality. As a result, families are being torn apart. On a positive note, "despite the harm and discrimination that opponents of Prop 8 experienced, LGBTI people, their families and friends, and supportive community members stated that they are more resolved and determined to fight" (Marriage Equality USA 86). Many victims stories where shared to aid Marriage Equality USA's cause. Contra Costa County released a statement saying "We have been used as a political punching bag. The anxiety affects all of us and most of us just want to live our lives quitely with the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else" (87). They lost their right to marry while they where simultaniously assualted, received death threats, had property vandalized, and have been been terminated from their jobs because they were gay. The LGBTI's community have expressed their feelings and beleifs through rallies, phone banking, and creating "No on 8" merchandise for various purposes. The obvious drawback of their expression has been hate and violence. This further made their involvment more public and raised their exposure for harrasment and so on. Victims were gathered to share their stories to fight for their cause. One man encountered a car full of men at a red light that threatened to follow him home and kill him. Other incidents ranged from car...
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