Gay Marriage

Topics: Human rights, High school, Law Pages: 8 (1789 words) Published: March 25, 2013
1. Obsession with Diets Is Dangerous;
2. School Uniform Should Be a Must for Students;
3. ”Harry Potter” Should Be on the List of School Literature; 4. Online Slang Should Be Treated Like a Part of Teenage Subculture; 5. Vegetarianism Is not a Healthy Lifestyle;
6. Children Need Private Space Just as Adults Do;
7. Friendship Between a Man and a Woman Is Possible;
8. Parents Should not Tell Children Tales About Birds and Bees; 9. Cartoon Violence Should not Be Censored;
10. Junk Food Must Be Avoided at All Costs;
11. The Earth Needs People’s Help: Industries Must Be More Environment-Friendly; 12. Team Spirit as the Basis of Coordination between Employees and Managers; 13. Art Should not Be a Protest Against the Hardships of Reality; 14. Democracy as the Only Reasonable System of Government; 15. Freedom Is the Ultimate Necessity of Human Beings;

16. The Losing Edge: Gambling Is a Dangerous Passion;
17. Ten Reasons Why People Should Play PC Games;
18. Animals Have Rights as Well as People Do: Down with Cruel Treatments!; 19. Endangered Species Must Be Protected: Prevent Poaching!; 20. GMO Products Are not as Hazardous as They Are Considered; 21. Christmas Must Be More than a Reason for a Consumption Surge; 22. Horror Movies Must Be Treated as a Means to Experience Adrenalin Rush; 23. ”The Simpsons” Should Be Viewed as a Political and Social Satire; 24. Music Should not Be Split into ”Lower” and “Refined” genres; 25. Fashion Models Must not Be Role Models for Girls;

26. Every Teenager Must Get over the Stage of Having an Idol; 27. Chupacabras: The Ultimate Proof of the Spooky Creatures’ Existence; 28. The Existence of Life on Mars Is Possible;
29. Atlantis Did Exist: The Ultimate Proof;
30. Poeple Should Treat their Pets like Members of Their Family. 31. Abortion
32. Adoption
33. Affirmative Action Laws
34. Aids choices for Life
35. Air Bags
36. Aliens and UFO's: Yes or no
37. Amnesty: Should prisoners receive this?
38. Animal Rights
39. Are there Angels among us?
40. Assisted Suicide
41. Bigamy
42. Birth Control
43. Books: are they a thing of the past
44. Breast Feeding in Public
45. Breast Implants
46. Beauty is more than skin deep
47. Brand Names cost more, but is the quality any better
48. Budgeting as well as spending
49. Campus Issues - Dating
50. Campus Issues - Greek Life
51. Campus Issues - Student Fees
52. Campus Issues - Student Funding
53. Campus Issues - Student Govt.
54. Campus Issues - Student Life
55. Campus Issues - Technology
56. Capital Punishment
57. Censorship of Internet
58. Chat Rooms: Are they safe
59. City Curfews
60. Cloning
61. Conservation and Recycling: Is it Important
62. Cults Kill
63. Does Dieting lead to Eating Disorders
64. Discrimination Laws
65. Divorce: Does it destroy children
66. Donor Insemination: Selling Babies
67. Dr. Kevorkian
68. Drinking Age
69. Drug Legalization
70. Drunk Driving
71. Eating Less Meat
72. Ebonics
73. Euthanasia
74. Feminism
75. Filtering Internet
76. Food Additives
77. Food Stamps
78. Foreign Policy
79. Fur is not a Fashion Statement (using animal fur for coats) 80. Should American companies go overseas for workers?
81. Gay Marriages
82. Gene Testing
83. Genetic Engineering
84. Ghosts: Are they real
85. Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
86. Government Regulation of Utilities
87. Gun Laws
88. Gun Control
89. Human Cloning
90. Hunting Laws
91. Illiteracy: Is it a problem
92. Immigrants and Illegal Aliens
93. Immunity Rights for Political Leaders
94. Legalizing Marijuana
95. Legalized Gambling
96. Mandatory Seatbelt Laws
97. Media Ethics
98. Medicare
99. Mothers should stay at home
100. Nuclear...
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