Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Sexual orientation Pages: 1 (437 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Gay marriage nowadays has become a serious issue to talking about. In most culture across the global, gay marriage and homosexuality was forbidden, not accepted by the law. In my opinion, I think granting gay marriage would threaten the stability of family, pillar of our society. First of all, what is marriage? The institution of marriage is defined as between woman and man. God first created two kinds of people, which were woman and man. I believe the reason why god did that was he wanted us to take responsibility of each role. Women exist to take care of the daily life of men while men’s duty is to give her a good life. And finally, they end up as building up a happy family, with the kids playing around. Marriage should not be extended to same sex couple because homosexual relationship has nothing to do with procreation. How could they create a family tree without procreation? Some people might say, they could simply have children by adoption, which leads to another problem of gay marriage. Gay marriage would cause many children are raised by same sexual household, which are not an optimum environment for children to grow up. Children need both father and mother to give them a safe and happy environment to live in. According to the report, girls who are raised apart from their fathers are reported at high risk of early sexual activity, which would cause teenage pregnancy. Children without mothers would grow up with no sense of security because they have no one to talk to. A survey in American Sociological Review showed that children with lesbian or gay parents are most likely to have homosexual behaviors. In the 1997 book Growing up in a Lesbian Family: Effects on Child Development, Fiona Tasker, PhD, and Susan Golombok, PhD, observed that 25% of sampled young adults raised by lesbian mothers had engaged in a homoerotic relationship, compared to 0% of sampled young adults raised by heterosexual mothers. Last but not...
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