Gaullism: French Political Ideology

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  • Published : July 8, 2012
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Charles de Gaulle, in his general's uniform
Gaullism (French: Gaullisme) is a French political ideology based on the thought and action of "Resistance" leader then president Charles de Gaulle. Contents * 1 Doctrine * 1.1 Foreign policy * 1.2 Domestic policies * 2 Political group * 3 Germany * 4 Gaullist political parties * 5 References * 6 See also| Doctrine

Foreign policy
The main theme of de Gaulle's foreign policy was national independence, and maintaining as much control as possible of as many of France's colonies as possible (cf. de Gaulle's policy on Indochina) with, as some practical consequences, some degree of opposition to international organizations such as NATO or the European Economic Community. The basic tenets were that France should not have to rely on any foreign country for its survival (thus the creation of the French nuclear deterrent) and that France should refuse subservience to any foreign power, be it the United States or the Soviet Union. One can also cite what foreign observers dubbed the policies of grandeur, that is, the insistence that France be a major power in the world scene and that military and economic forces be established to back this claim. In that respect, Gaullism significantly influenced the foreign policy of France in the subsequent decades, even after Gaullists were nominally no longer in power. Foreign critics, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States, derided and resented de Gaulle's policy "of grandeur". A major point of friction was de Gaulle's decision to withdraw France from the integrated military command of NATO (but not from NATO itself) and to expel NATO from its headquarters at...
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