Gattaca Shows Us the Dangers of Uncontrolled Technology.

Topics: Genetics, Discrimination, DNA Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: November 5, 2012
In the ‘not-to-distant future’, the world of Gattaca is where genetic engineering has become the normal approach to procreation. Gattaca’s society involves a culture of self-advancement through genetic determinisms, a caste system of valid and in-valids and social discrimination based on ‘genoism’. This sterile and cold society of elitist collaborations like Gattaca promotes competition, isolation and discrimination. This is something that is dangerous to individuals and relationships and shows an arrogant belief to the world of science. Despite this hierarchical world it isn’t the technology that stands alone as dangerous to individuals, instead it is the human sprit or lack of it and the desire one has to reach their dreams that have an innate effect on ones future.

The use of technology to enhance individual’s capabilities is what rules Niccol’s society of Gattaca. An ideology of success, linked with genetic engineering dominates society. ‘Genoism’ rules! ‘Ten fingers, ten toes, that’s all that used to matter. Not now. Now, only seconds old, the exact time and cause of my death was already known.’ Parents, choose, the ‘very best’ of themselves for their children, eliminating all their imperfections. These so-called perfect specimens are the unchallenged Alpha class in society, while ‘in-valids’- those whose genetic profiles lack something, languish in underpaid menial work. Faithful to genetic determinism, companies no longer conduct job interviews, rather relying solely on urine and blood tests to predict candidate potential. Society’s obsession with defining people by their genetic background magnifies the importance of genetic material. In the opening scene, the thunderous crash of a fingernail striking the ground in extreme close-up, stresses the weight that is placed in a persons physical make-up. Irene steals hair from Vincents comb to gain a profile; a genetic readout from an eyelash makes Vincent a murder suspect; saliva uncovers the real murder....
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