Gatsby Essay- Major Conflict

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  • Published : December 12, 2011
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One major conflict that takes place within the novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is the love triangle between Daisy Buchanan, James Gatsby and Tom Buchanan. Daisy is Tom Buchanan’s wife, who was James Gatsby’s long lost love. Before the war, Daisy was courted by a number of officers, including James Gatsby. Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby fell in love in Louisville and she promised to wait for him. However, Daisy harbors a deep need to be loved and when a wealthy, powerful young man named Tom Buchanan asked her to marry him, Daisy decided not to wait for Gatsby after all. Tom Buchanan has an affair with a woman by the name of Myrtle whom is already married to the owner of a run-down garage in the Valley of Ashes, George Wilson. Myrtle possesses a fierce vitality and desperately looks for a way to improve her situation. Unfortunately for Myrtle, Tom mistreats her and views her as an object of his desire. Meanwhile, as she is treated as a mere object, Daisy is being showered by love and care from the “great” James Gatsby. Gatsby’s only obligation is to have Daisy fall back in love with him. Days go by, and Daisy visits Gatsby at his mansion. She stays majority of the week, which leads to Gatsby having to fire his workers to prevent rumors from forming. After weeks, Daisy begins to come back to her senses and falls in love. Gatsby hands her a ring, which she cannot wear because of her husband, Tom. Therefore, Gatsby decides to confront Tom about Daisy’s and his affair, as they take a stroll in New York. Upon the end of the confrontation in New York, Daisy becomes indecisive and denies everything Gatsby stated. On their way home, they pass by the run-down garage owned by Myrtle’s husband, inside Tom Buchanan’s car. Myrtle was not aware that Tom was not driving the care, so she ran outside thinking it was him, and Daisy accidentally ran her over. Myrtle did not survive the fatal hit, and George Wilson was devastated. After a while, Tom Buchanan, Nick...
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