Gatsby Additional Scene

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Jordan Dorelus The Great Gatsby 11-13-12

“Then suddenly she threw down her napkin on the table and excused herself and went into the house.” “Tom! Tom! Where are you Tom! We’ve got Company on the table and you just get up from the discussion, for what, to answer a stupid phone call, and who might that be at the other end of the line.” “Honey, it’s an important call…,” Tom began. Who could be so important that they call during Dinner time while we have a guest over and you answer, huh, tell me WHO” Daisy said furiously. Listen Woman Don’t raise your voice to me in my own house! You’ve no right to tell me which calls I shall answer. Now go back outside and keep your cousin Company. “Why”, Daisy snapped back rather quickly, “to talk to that woman that you’ve been seeing?” “What are you Talking about woma…”, “Don’t you woman me!” “Word spreads around fast Tom.” “I’ve always denied the gossips and rumors that are being whispered into my head now and then, I always told those accusing you to stop trying to split us up,” Daisy said as water began to swell in her eyes. “I even called some of them Jezebels.” “You are despicable” she said in disgust. Matter of fact, you’re the Jeze…, “Shut up Woman!” “You’re talking complete non-sense! Who in the hell told you I was seeing another Woman!” “Why would I ever cheat on you?” “Come on now I know better, and you know better not to assume street talk is true.” Daisy had lifted up looking into Tom’s dark eyes, trembling, and turned to sit down on the side of the chair, her head leaning on her arm, leaning on the top of the back rest. Mommy! Daddy! A small little girl about the age of four, came rushing into the center of The Buchanan’s great living room, where both daisy and Tom were. The little girl had beautiful blond hair and was chubby. “Come back here mistress!” the maid yelled as she chased the little girl, “you have not gotten your afternoon nap” “Mommy, Daddy! Why are you mad, why are you mad?”...
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