Gathering Marketing Intelligence

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  • Published : January 31, 2011
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- Program Strategy – is a company's overall philosophy of how marketing research projects fit into its marketing plan. o Specifies the types of studies that are to be conducted and for what purposes. o "Should we do marketing research?"

- Project Strategy – is the design of the individual marketing research studies that are to be conducted. o Deals with how a specific study should be conducted. o "Now that we've decided to go ahead with marketing research, how should we proceed?" - Research Process – is the sequence of steps in the design and implementation of a research study. o Stages in the research process (pg 36)

▪ 1. Formulated the problem (pg 36)
• Only when the problem is defined can research be designed to provide the needed information • Includes specifying the manager's decision problem and research problems • Each project should tie back to the decision problem ▪ 2. Determine research design (pg 37)

• Depends on how much is know about the problem • Exploratory Research
o Used when the problem to be solved is broad or vague o Very flexible
• Descriptive or casual Research
o Used when a problem is precisely formulated o Not flexible
o Focuses on describing a population, emphasizing the frequency with which something occurs o Uses experiments to identify cause-effect relationships between variables o Referred to as "quantitative research" ▪ 3. Determine data collection method (pg 37) • Secondary Data

o Data that have...
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