Gathering Blue Thesis Paper

Topics: Blue, Discrimination, Village People Pages: 6 (2197 words) Published: June 13, 2008
Gathering Blue
By Lois Lowry
Thesis Statement: Knowing one’s identity is a way of fulfilling one’s life purpose Introduction:
The uniqueness of one’s personality, character and abilities defines his identity. Knowing one’s distinctiveness is a grueling process. A person must have enough strength and perseverance to surpass obstacles. He must be able to accept whatever mistake he does and learn from it. Gradually, the person will be able to know his true identity once he reaches a certain point of enlightenment triggered by a life-changing event or experiences. His purpose, however, is yet to be known. Man’s purpose in life is realized after death since at this point, one has fulfilled his mission or duty. According to Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life, “What people are able to do is what God wants them to do.” It is also cited in the said book that each individual has to play a certain role planned even before he was born.

The book – Gathering Blue’s tackles the story of Kira, an orphan with a twisted leg who lives in a society where its savagery is masked for the people to think that they live perfectly. Though branded as weak and useless, she confronts these prejudices by showing her talent in weaving magnificent pattern in cloth. Her mother fought to keep her away from the people who continued to look down on her since she saw in her daughter her potential of being an exceptional weaver despite being handicapped. Her mother’s belief pushes her to improve her craft, thus becoming the official Robe-Threader of her community.

In this paper, the researchers aim to relate the state of the community in the novel to the present state of the society today. The significance of the character’s abilities, strengths, as well as weakness will also be analyzed.

In a village restored by the last survivors of the tragedy that almost wiped out the whole human race, a young girl with a twisted leg named Kira burns her cot while grieving the loss of her beloved mother. Her mother was the only living relative she had, her father died after being eaten by beasts. Only her mother believes that she is gifted with a talent far greater than anybody else, the art of weaving, which made up for her disability. This inspires her to forget her fear of the village and the people there who tend to look down on disabled people like her. An eight-year old boy by the name of Matt, a friend of hers, helps her as she clears up her belongings in the cot they once owned. Matt warns her of Vandara, a cruel and rude woman who is known and feared in their village. One day, while Kira was peacefully eating, Vandara emerges from the woods with a group of women in tow. She demands of Kira’s land where her tiny cot stands. Kira defends herself and states her rights of owning it. However, the group of women continues to insult her, saying that ownership of a land is not worth for a crippled girl. Kira was on the verge of being murdered if Vandara’s group had not suggested bringing the argument to the Council of Guardians, the villages’ leaders. During the trial, Vandara tells the Council several accusations against Kira. Since Kira remains defenseless, the Council appointed Jamison, a Guardian, to be her defender. Both parties win after the trial. Vandara now owns the land while Kira is appointed as the Village Weaver. Because of her job, she is relocated to Council Edifice, the main office of the government. As the village weaver, her task is to manage the Robe, clothing used by the Singer who narrates the history of the world through its patterns during a very important event held once a year called the Gathering. She meets Thomas, a talented government worker as well who carves the Staff. As part of her job, she is sent to Annabella, a woman who teaches her in making dyes of every color except blue, the rarest of all. While on her way for another lesson to the forest where Annabella lives, she hears the sounds of beasts. Kira tells this...
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