Gangs in South Central Los Angeles

Topics: Gang, Crips, Los Angeles Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Gangs in South Central Los Angeles

Gangs run the streets in South Central Los Angeles. They are respected, dangerous, and feared by all who are not involved in gang activity. Two major Los Angeles gangs are the “Bloodz” and the “Crips”. These two gangs are professionals at what they do such as murder, drug trafficking, and avoiding law enforcement. Protecting their territory and fellow gang members resulted in one hundred twenty eight homicides in South Central Los Angeles (Tamara). Gangs run all across the country and one million people estimated are involved with gangs and gang activity. The Bloodz and Crips are the west side’s major gangs and they have a huge impact on South Central Los Angeles. Killings everyday and more members initiated every day, it’s said that gangs will never end.

The two major gangs of South Central Los Angeles have a history behind them worth knowing. The Bloodz are a well known and respected gang made up of close to nine thousand members, the Bloodz stack up well against their rival or otherwise known as the “Crips”. The Bloodz are outnumbered by the Crips but they are growing stronger and proving themselves by keeping up with their rival. The Bloodz were created to stand up to stronger gangs and give protection to smaller gangs. Five smaller gangs joined forces to stand up to their rivals. The Blood Five, The Lot Boyz, The Outlaws, and The Midcity Gangsters are the five to come together in 1982 to create the Bloodz (Tamara). They joined together and were becoming more violent and getting stronger but were still outnumbered. The Bloodz are more involved with drug trafficking then any other criminal act such as robbing businesses or killing (Tamara). The Bloodz enemy the Crips is way ahead of them in all fields.

The Crips are the most respected and dangerous gang in South Central Los Angeles. There number one enemy is the Bloodz. The Crips are the strongest gang and are at a number of sixteen thousand members and are...
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