Topics: Nutrition, Food, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 1 (574 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Abraham Maslow had a hierarchy of needs. They were represented in a pyramid form. At the base of the pyramid were the basic physiological needs. Sarah is able to eat and drink independently but the food preparation must be thought out quite well and it must also be of a suitable consistency and temperature. Sarah must eat suitable foods for her condition and keep up with her diet. MS specialists recommend that people with MS adhere to the same low-fat, high fibre diet that is recommended for the general population. ( It is important for her to make sure she gets the correct food into her to help her throughout the day. She will need plenty of carbohydrates as she needs a lot of energy for the day when she is using her sticks or trying to walk. She must eat from all parts of the food pyramid in the correct amounts. The bottom of the pyramid is the carbohydrates for example bread, potatoes, cereals, rice. You should take six servings from this shelf per day. The best carbohydrates for Sarah would be the starch foods. They provide energy which is what Sarah needs as she tries to walk or when she uses her sticks she will need plenty of energy. Sarah’s carbohydrates should consist of wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta instead of white bread. The healthiest starchy foods are those that are high in fibre. (,-cereals-and-potatoes.aspx) Fibre is important in Sarah’s diet as it keeps the bowels going. This is important for Sarah as she uses self-catheterization and a bowel management programme. Another good source of fibre which is the next shelf on the food pyramid is the fruit and vegetables shelf. Five or more servings off this shelf each day should be consumed. It provides the important vitamins and minerals also. The next shelf is the milk yoghurt and cheese group. This group provides good calcium which will help Sarah as she is going to need...
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