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Project Name: Gul Ahmed Textiles Limited
Course Name: Cost and Managerial Accounting
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Presented by:
Arsalan Muhammad Khan 54245
Shaikh Ikramulhaq 54566
Shahrukh Pervaiz 54688

Presented to:
Prof. Mohammad Arif Nara

Our concept was good about cost accounting before making this project but after making this our concept about cost accounting was cleared. May be some shortcoming can be in this project but we made a lot of effort for it. We have learnt excel and word while making this project and various tools used in these. To manage all the things like data of the company and put them accordingly as we are asked is the tough job.

In this project we were asked to make cost analysis of a company. The basic requirements of the project is to analyze the and financial statements of the Gul Ahmed Textiles Limited, Calculation of Cost of Goods manufactured statement ,Finished goods statement, Cost of Good sold Statement for the company. We are also required the projection of the income statements and position statements of the Gul Ahmed Textiles Limited.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah we complete all the requirements. We thank our great teacher Mohammad Arif Nara who encourages us to make such project and enhanced our understanding about Cost Accounting which will help us in the latter life. By his vast experience we are now able to see the things differently. He is an inspiration for all of us. Now we have learned many things from this difficult and interesting project.

Presented by:
Arsalan Muhammad Khan
Shaikh Ikramulhaq
Shahrukh Pervaiz


Company HistoryThe story of textiles in the subcontinent is the story of Gul Ahmed. The group began trading in textiles in the early 1900’s. With all it’s know-how and experience, the group decided to enter the field of manufacturing and Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited company, in the year 1953. In 1972 it was subsequently listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Since then the company has been making rapid progress and is one of the best composite textile houses in the world. The mill is presently a composite unit with an installed capacity of 130,296 spindles, 223 wide width air jet looms, and a state of the art processing and finishing unit.Corporate Profile - Business ActivitiesTextilesIn the textile field, activities start from the spinning of cotton as well as man made fibers and extend to weaving, processing and finishing of all types of cotton and blended fabrics, bed linen, home furnishings, garment manufacturing, etc.ManagementManagement of the group is professionally qualified and broadly experienced. The directors have held top positions in various textile bodies, export committees and have also assisted the Government of Pakistan in some of the major trade talks with EC and USA authorities.BankersMain bankers of the group are: * Allied Bank Limited * Bank Al Habib Limited * Barclays Bank Plc, Pakistan * Citi Bank, N.A. * Faysal Bank Limited * Habib Bank Limited * Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited * Hsbc Bank Middle East Limited * Meezan Bank Limited * National Bank Of Pakistan * Nib Bank Limited * The Royal Bank Of Scotland Limited * Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited * United Bank LimitedList of Membership of Trade Bodies and Organization * The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited. * Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited. * All Pakistan Textile Mills Association. * Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers & Exporters Association. * All Pakistan Bed sheets & Upholstery Manufacturers Association. * Karachi Cotton Association. * Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Karachi. * Employees Federation of Pakistan. * All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association|

Gul Ahmed's fine textile products represent a unique fusion of the century...
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