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Tranquilino Penoy, better known as Gagamba to the populace of Ermita, at the heart of Manila particularly in the outskirts of M.H. Del Pilar nearby the grandiose Camarin restaurant, was one of the few people who have survived the 1990 Luzon killer earthquake. On July 15, 1990, the often crowded city of Manila was struck by the strongest earthquake recorded in the Philippine history. The whole city was under a big shock for some minutes especially those who are inside the Camarin restaurant which is known to be a majestically stood building offering some services of women for male adults including big personalities like politicians. The popular building is now on isle of crushed rocks and cement from which under the rubber and piles of stone were the fine diners. Gagamba often stays in front of Camarin restaurant while selling sweepstakes making him familiar with the customers of Camarin and even knowing the stories of their lives. One of them is Fred Villa who is the frequent owner of Camarin since Didi Gamboa, its real owner had migrated in United States. He was in charged with the selection of the girls who will work at Camarin. All these women have been tasted by him already and one of them is Lina who came from Pampanga. Another one who is also a regular customer of Camarin is Mars Floro who is Fred’s friend. Joe Patalinghug, who came from Cebu with his wife Nancy, who dreams a good life here in Manila but lately to found out that life in province is far better than that of the city. The next character is Pedro Domingo, also called as Rizal because he resembles the national hero whenever he wears his tuxedo is a valuable and easy going head waiter of Camarin. Rizal had discovered his wife had a cancer and there was only two months live. His children do not know what to do and Rizal makes all way to cure and extend the life of his wife. He tried so many faith healers one of those was the faith healer of former president Marcos. He...
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