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  • Published: June 28, 2013
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Contribution of Wom en in Medicine, British India - Inform ative & researched article on Contribution of Wom en in Medicine, British India

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Contribution of Women in Medicine, British India
Contribution of women in medicine was overwhelming in British India, with ample establishments of female facilities.

Uttarakhand Flood Relief Be a part of CARE’s flood relief activities. Donate today! Women and medicine were two extremely contradicting terms during preindependent India. Women were known to excel in household work, staying ignorant to outside

developments. However, as years progressed towards a free India and with the advent of the two World Wars, women were seen to enthusiastically take part in medical courses and medicine. In assistance with English women to stand out in this field also, the contribution of women in medicine in the said times were indeed surprising. Within the period of 1875-87, medical education for women began first at Madras Medical College and then was made available in 1885 at the Medical College of Calcutta and in 1887 at Grant Medical College in Bombay. In 1880, Fanny Butler became the first British woman to practice medicine in India with postings at Jubbulpore (present-day Jabalpur,...
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