Futuristic Fifty Years

Topics: Automobile, Shinkansen, Future Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Futuristic Fifty Years
What will the world be like in fifty years? This is a common question one might ask him or herself. One might think about many different aspects in which he or she’s life will change. No one is for certain how life will change, but everyone has an understanding that it will. It is most likely that life will change in the aspects of transportation, music, government, ecology, food, and jobs/workplaces.

Transportation may take on a whole new form in fifty years. With depleting resources and lack of automobile transportation, it is likely that our society will transition to more mass transit systems. A mechanism that fits this role would be high-speed trains, or bullet trains. High-speed trains run off of electricity and will help to save some resources and lower pollution levels. This would be a definite alternative to the gas guzzling and money losing airline industry and, as it evolves, could even partially replace automobile travel. However, if the automobile industry continues, the next big thing would probably be computer-controlled cars. These would be hands-free cars that drive themselves to the location you wish through a GPS system. The cars would monitor their surrounding and this would greatly increase safety. Also, they could be programmed to drive, accelerate, and brake at speeds that are the most energy efficient possible. The driver could also do whatever they please during the ride because they do not need to control the vehicle. The auto industry would go in this direction for comfort, safety, and fuel efficiency.

Music would also be an aspect of life that will change, considering music constantly evolves. Music is already starting to trend towards computer created electronic music such as dub step and this trend is likely to continue. In fifty years the music may be completely computer generated and almost no human aspect involved at all. There may very well be no real instruments or voices in the music. Although...
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