Future Strategy for the Organisation

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2.4Future strategy for the organization

The most excellent strategy for an organization is to embrace what is the most fitting to its present strong point and its location. Into which a future strategy corresponds with the circumstances as acknowledged by a strategic analysis and how the organization is fit into maintaining, or improving its economical advantage.

A constant progression of outside changes obtains position throughout a cycle of a product, in a series of when it entered the market down to competitors entering the market and changes the customers’ views of buying. The life cycle of a product provides a significant idea in sustainability of an organization in terms of its weakness and strength strategy.

When looking a product, the first time round it can become popular but when time passes it loses its popularity and less selling of such product. This could be down to these few reasons.

New and better design on the market
Quality of the product is better and cheaper
Customer looking for new trend.

For or as a manager it’s very crucial to know your organization weakness and strength to be able to select an appropriate strategy for the future whereby you can tackle the threat and take the advantage of the opportunities.

A latest research proves that altering the grade of an organization, from one sector to the other inevitably does not cover immense outcome on its performance. However, establishing a clear strategic position is vital for the organization as the starting point for sustainability plan.

A company that has a future strategy has a constant routine to be better than the competitors. As a manager to keep my organization afloat and to survive the competitive market I have to position my organization into a source of company growth by submission of new products and services, exploring into new areas of the business considering...
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