Future 2025

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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For many, the future holds endless possibilities, volatile to constant changings. In fact, there was a supernova of artistry that crafted the world into a mechanized empire. AI computers replaced tangible beings and created ease and a sense of comfort that, unfortunately, only relieved a paltry fraction of the world’s population. The world seemingly became a utopia, peaceful and blithe, without anxiety or trepidation, but that only existed in the dream world. “Lights on,” he said. “Check notifications.” Genius, the intelligent bedroom, immediately animated itself to comply. Connor, covered in perspirations that had come from his dreams, had woken from his deep sleep. He could no longer find the borderland between fantasy and reality. DreamScape, the technological breakthrough allowing the construction of dreams had give billions the escape from the harsh realities of real life, an existence overwhelmed by famine, destitution, and chaos over the world’s last remaining source to accommodate the ever growing population. People could choose to be anyone, to attempt anything, and to be in a perfectly immaculate scenario and all it took was an ephemeral operation, a tiny chip implanted to one’s brain, and a considerable sum of money. Today was the day. He had been waiting for this day for a long time, incessantly yearning and begging for this much-needed cessation from this monotonous quagmire. After finishing his morning routine, which consisted of checking social networking sites, now obsolete and filled with the unsung voices of the opposing contingent to this technology, Connor finished his breakfast meal capsules and proceeded to the intercom rail. It was a bullet speed train that abetted travel greatly. He was on his way to the skyport, the greatly updated version of the airport, now experimenting with new concept hovercrafts and various rocket technologies. The train was tranquil, yet full of empty faces. Connor gazed around and could occasionally notice...
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